Premier Vocational Experts have established a fully integrated workflow process for the legal industry. We set the industry standard for presenting medical chronologies and analysis reports to law firms. We organize medical charts down to the document level even before we start our medical records review work. Once organized and indexed, our medical staff team efficiently creates chronologies hyperlinked in PDF format to the underlying source documents with detailed timelines in a spreadsheet format along with a Narrative summary.


Medical Records Organization and Indexing

Medical records coming from record retrieval companies and medical providers are often disorganized and therefore not ready for attorney and paralegal review. This chaos is all the more challenging when voluminous amounts of records are retrieved from across several different facilities.

PVE leverages smart technology to create a painless solution that efficiently organizes and indexes medical records down to document level with ease and accuracy. Medical records are organized according to a flexible set of categories including document type, facilities or location, and provider in chronological order. Premier vocational experts offer a comprehensive, dynamic indexing solution that allows customized and filtered views for immediate analysis.

PVE ensures that duplicates are purged and removed from the Organised file, all documentation on request is redacted, we notify you on any missing Medical records, and we ensure HIPPA Compliance.

All of our records are organised electronically and pages are bate stamped for ease of navigation and delivery of the case is through our Cloud System.


Chronology and Medical Summaries

Creating chronology reports and medical summaries is a tedious process of sifting through stacks of paper and typing chronologies using word processors. Not only is this process very expensive, inefficient, and prone to errors, but it is also not secure.

PVE has a team of experienced medical staff reviewers and legal Medical consultants who efficiently build medical record chronologies and medical summaries using a secure, cloud-based proprietary technology platform. This world-class platform provides a fully integrated collaborative review workspace for abstraction and transcription. The abstraction workspace capabilities include word highlighting, box highlighting, the annotation. All chronologies are hyperlinked to electronic copies of underlying medical records for rapid assimilation during the review process, the addition of Bates stamps makes it easy for the attorney to reference notes and match them to the medical record.

All our Chronologies and medical summaries are customizable, medical records are consolidated to on PDF file. Detailed Tags and Types of reports are a subset of the full report and delve deeper into identified areas of risk. Chronologies are segregated by and the end result comes to you with a time line, Narrative summary and a Consolidated highlighted and bookmarked PDF report.


Additional Reports Available

  • Pain and Suffering Chart
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Medical Expert Opinion
  • Pain Medication Chart
  • Disability Score Interpretation
  • Lifestyle Impact Report
  • Range of Motion Chart